I have been enjoying working with a deep red clay called Navajo again. In progress are little jars for my newest black drawing salve, and some mugs and vases. I haven’t been very productive because I’m trying to stretch my skill level and create new shapes, and that means lots of fails at the wheel this month. I really like this vase though, I hope I like it as much once it’s done!
These two mugs have fun round bottoms.

Who doesn’t like a nice round bottom!

These are ready for the bisque firing.

I hope I like this combination just as much as I do on the mug below.

The clay body makes a tremendous difference in how the glaze turns out, not to mention the contrast between the raw clay base and the glazed areas.

I will never know if I don’t try, and it’s still fun to experiment and perfect some shapes I enjoy.

Salve jars!