I have this new inspiration that isn’t fully formed yet. Ultimately I will be working with white clay to realise my vision, but I decided to start experimenting with red clay because that’s what I’ve got and I can’t wait!

The basic concept is the cup or plant pot as a metaphor for our body (a vessel for our infinite spirit, where possibly thousands of lifetimes of information may be stored). 

At first I carved miniature faces which I pressed into freshly thrown clay, but that didn’t turn out the way I had imagined. That’s the plant pot in the far left of the image below. I then decided to carve faces into leather hard clay instead. That’s the teacup next to the plant pot.

I have a clear idea of how I would like to glaze these pieces when I will be using white clay… Not sure what I will do on the red yet.

Here are the glazed and fired pieces… took so looong for these to get fired, Xmas production is in full swing at the studio and the shelves are chock full of everyone’s precious work. Patience is key.