Work from May and June is finally starting to trickle out! The chrome green slip experiments yielded some nice texture and transparency on tea cups…

… and vases.

Thick chrome green slip under white glaze yielded a strange patina on this dragon bowl.

Here is the chrome green slip under white glaze on a stubby bottle shape,

and textured white slip under clear glaze on a cafe au lait bowl.

Here are some salve jars with my newest Tree Medicine, a black drawing salve made with activated charcoal, herbs from my garden, and healing essential oils.

I am working in a dark red clay called Navajo now. It has been very hot and I’ve been careful to let things dry very slowly so nothing cracks in process. I may continue some of the same experiments over the dark clay. The possibilities are limitless, and I’m trying to avoid over-thinking everything. It’s fun to be detached and just try new things. Sometimes a form you really like can be ruined by a poor choice of glaze but it’s worth it each time an unexpected treasure comes out of the kiln.