It has taken over two months for stuff to be fired. I’m OK with that though… The gorgeous weather has me up to my neck in the Pacific and eating blackberries of the bush instead of sitting at the potter’s wheel. Finally some of these little textured, sea-inspired dishes are coming out.

The feather cups have finally all been glazed, as of yesterday… Looking forward to seeing my newest ones, which are inspired by those Japanese tea cups that have a little indent for your fingers. It was fun incorporating the feather design with a more organic shape.

Smaller things make it through the firing process much more quickly. I already have most of my little salve jar experiments. Originally I was working with closed form jars but I eventually decided to go with a cork lid which could be sealed with wax if necessary. I underestimated the clay shrinkage and so far they are all too small for the corks I purchased. Some slightly larger ones are in the works, fingers crossed!

Glaze experiments brought mixed results, I’m still learning how to make the glaze do what I want (if that’s at all possible!) I was a bit disappointed at first but I’m still having a ball and once I let go of my initial expectations I appreciate everything so much more.

I am making vases right now, and more marbled tea cups. This time I’m adding adding a second colour. Excited to see how that turns out…