MICHELLE DOYLE has a background in martial arts and Qi Gong and a special interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to the Anatomy Trains theory of myo-fascial meridians.

 She has always enjoyed a challenge. Her desire for adventure and an active lifestyle led her to a 12 year career planting trees, and a 10 year love affair with the Brazilian martial art Capoeira. In her early 30’s she started noticing more pain and stiffness in her body and injuries that never seemed to heal. Her journey of recovery brought her to study Qi Gong and ultimately self-healing practices like Body Rolling and MELT. For Michelle, myo-fascial release techniques were able to do what physio and massage therapy could not. At home, practicing with gentle persistence she was able to heal chronic tears in her hamstring tendons, a lingering rotator cuff injury and debilitating back pain.